Until she was recommended to me by a QuickBooks superstar, Michelle Long, I didn’t know Nancy Gomez from Eve. Our small consulting shop was in a bad way: we had installed a QuickBooks update, which promptly crippled our system.

I clotheslined Nancy with a panicky phone call. She was calm, cool, and collected. She quickly and correctly answered the problem: QuickBooks was not installed on our server. We’ve had a server for fourteen of the twenty years that we’ve used QuickBooks, and we had never had a problem. Why now? “It’s IT, that’s why!” is the right answer.

As I sat in front of our server, Nancy described how to solve the problem. She was 100% right. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to spot the way to do what she was describing. She really had it nailed down tight. She really knows her QB stuff, and I recommend her without hesitation of qualification. If you need elaboration, please feel free to email me at wmiller@beckmill.com. Warren D. Miller, CFA, CPA

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