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Our offices are located in Santa Barbara, CA and Aurora, CO which enable us to do onsite work in those areas and remote work nation & worldwide. Our services are tailored to your needs – short or long-term. With technology we can solve many of the problems easily without setting foot in your office! From small to large businesses with 1-100+ employees, our 30+ years of experience are at your service.

Nancy started with The Bottom Line in 1982, working for the former owner and learning from the ground up.  In 1991, with the retirement of the owner, Nancy purchased the business and has taken it to new heights – instead of just a local bookkeeping service, her services span the entire nation.  With not only the advances in technology but also software, in 1995 Nancy saw the writing on the wall when first introduced to QuickBooks by a local CPA who assured her that it was easy to learn and should be on her radar.

She realized this software was a game changer and embraced it wholeheartedly, making The Bottom Line a QuickBooks-centric practice soon thereafter.  By 2006 Nancy was branching out to 3rd party applications that add in to QuickBooks – something fairly new at that time.  Nancy had dabbled with data transfer software in the past but realized that much more was out there and keeps adding the best of the best to her repertoire.

Because of her presence on various QuickBooks and bookkeeping forums and the valuable advice she continues to give, she was awarded The Sleeter Group’s Magnificent Member Award in 2010 as a QuickBooks Guru. She was also nominated for the Top 100 Intuit ProAdvisors for 2014 & 2015 and is included as a Top 100 member for 2016 – a prestigious award reserved for only the best of the best. Nancy is also a Certified Bookkeeper through American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

With 2 adult daughters and 4 grandchildren, Nancy’s days are busy both in and out of the business. A very proud Santa Barbara native, she reminds potential clients that she’s never far away thanks to the internet.


Dean Mitcham

QB POS & Inventory Guru

Dean is the consummate salesman and inventory guru having spent many years in retail selling everything from car parts to industrial supplies. Dean was in charge of the computerization of a local warehouse including creating item numbers, streamlining ordering and inventory input. His forte is seeing the big inventory picture and fixing/adjusting to make sure it works for everyone.

As head of the software sales and implementation portion of The Bottom Line, Dean is able to craft software/hardware/installation packages and training to fit the most discriminating client.  He also works with many of the 3rd party applications to make sure that clients get all they can from their QuickBooks purchase.

Meet our team

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Megan Burger

Senior Bookkeeper

Megan has grown up working on and off for The Bottom Line even before becoming a licensed driver.  Tackling the infamous mass statement mailings, appointed courier service, and top notch filing clerk were her sensational beginnings in this family business!

Megan currently works remotely from Aurora, CO, and is certified in QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Enterprise.  She is looking forward to working with clients in the area in the near future. A banking background has also enabled Megan to better appreciate and understand the importance of efficient and accurate bookkeeping.

Although no longer residing in Santa Barbara, Megan will always have a heart for this beautiful town.  Her niece and nephews will always keep her coming back to visit, and she gladly welcomes meeting clients in person. It’s wonderful to put a face to a name!